What will the CUPE advantage mean for you?

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WestJet Cabin Crew Members are making an important decision about whether to unionize and grow their voice at work in the coming months.

What sets CUPE apart from the rest? Let’s look at what CUPE has negotiated for flight attendants at Air Canada and Air Transat and count the ways.

Higher wages than non-union

  • Starting hourly wages for flight attendants at Air Canada are $0.85 more per hour and $1.99 per hour higher at Air Transat than starting wages for WestJet Cabin Crew Members.
  • That gap grows to $7.40 and $5.56 more per hour, respectively, after ten years of service.

Higher wages than CFAU

  • It takes 30 per cent longer – and 80 per cent longer if you were hired after July 1st, 2015 – for Jazz flight attendants to progress through their wage scale than flight attendants at Air Canada and Air Transat.
  • After ten years’ service, Air Canada and Air Transat earn up to $11.03 and $9.19 more per hour, respectively, than flight attendants at Jazz.
  • CUPE has also negotiated significantly higher wages for in-charge flight attendants – up to $33.20 more per hour than at WestJet, and up to $42.92 more per hour than at Jazz!

Clear, predictable retirement security

  • CUPE’s Air Canada flight attendants successfully bargained for a Defined Benefit Pension Plan – the most secure and predictable type of pension in Canada, and one that flight attendants can rely on.

Better health and safety

  • One of CUPE’s eight health and safety specialists is an expert in onboard airline health and safety.
  • CUPE is highly connected with and directly involved in government regulatory committees that impact our members’ safety at work. We continue to use this advantage to voice the concerns of flight attendants and to improve regulations to protect and promote their safety.

Footwear allowance

  • Flight attendant footwear is regulated as a part of the employee’s required uniform and CUPE has negotiated a footwear allowance worth up to $137.50 per year for members at seven out of eight airlines.