What your union dues can do for you: a message from CUPE National Secretary Treasurer Charles Fleury

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With a lot of discussion about CUPE’s financial structure and how union dues are collected and used, it’s only natural that many WestJetters are asking us how we put their hard‑earned dollars to work for them.

Union dues at CUPE start at 0.85% of your regular wages only – not on bonus, overtime, sick time, or extra hours – and after that it’s up to your local to determine what dues it will levy as required. On average, most locals choose 0.65% which brings the total to 1.5%, or $1.50, on every $100 of regular wages earned.

That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s – and it brings you an impressive range of services, as well as better contracts and better representation in the long run.

So where, exactly, does the 0.85% of your national dues go every month?

At CUPE, through your National Servicing Representative, you’ll have access to a wide variety of specialists in our Legal, Communications, Research, Equality, Education, and Health and Safety branches. You’ll also have the support of CUPE’s $95 million defense fund if and when you and your colleagues need it.

These are industry-leading services that WCCA, which you pay into, is not providing.

Further, there’s no question that, even though they will charge you roughly $600 per year in dues, WPFAA won’t be able to provide anything close to this level of service either.

But for about the same amount, CUPE can provide WestJet Cabin Crew with high-caliber resources and representation that can only be afforded by membership within a national union of 650,000 members.

And we will respect your local autonomy to the fullest extent too.

Your company is growing fast and we know you want to see it continue to succeed. We want to help you, as employees and drivers of this great Canadian success story, to get your fair share of this success too.

The best way to do that, and to get the respectful contract and representation you deserve, is to sign a card and become a member of CUPE today.