We agree that we need to certify, but is CUPE the right fit?

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CUPE’s goal is not to become your voice; it is to amplify your voice.

We are a large organization with 650,000 members, and our 2,400 locals range in size of from 20 members to 20,000. What we have in common, and what makes us strong, is our “members first” approach. It is our members who are calling the shots when it comes to setting bargaining priorities, electing leaders, and deciding the directions of the national union.

CUPE is the right fit for WestJet Cabin Crew Members because we have decades of experience of representing flight attendants, and because we actively encourage the autonomy of our local unions.

No one knows what is best for WestJet CCMs better than CCMs themselves – which is why CUPE is committed to empowering you to get the best deal possible at work.

CUPE was founded on the concept of local autonomy and gives its locals an unmatched degree of autonomy among labour organizations in Canada. As long as the local is following the CUPE constitution, it is free to pursue whatever actions that it sees fit to best represent its members.