WestJet pilots union victory shows how CUPE can help Cabin Crew

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The union representing WestJet pilots, the Air Line Pilot Association (ALPA), just scored a key victory at the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) last week, forcing WestJet to stop bypassing the union in the imminent launch of its ultra low-cost carrier, Swoop.

WestJet had been trying to bypass the pilots union in its hiring process for Swoop, so that it could hire pilots outside the union and offer them less pay and fewer benefits. ALPA argued that WestJet could not cut side deals with some pilots while ignoring the role of the union to negotiate the best terms for every pilot. On Friday the CIRB sided with the ALPA. The result is that West Jet now has to deal directly with the union when trying to hire WestJet pilots at Swoop.

It’s a key victory for WestJet pilots – and it’s an example of how WestJetters can protect their rights and working conditions when they have a union backing them.

Even without a collective agreement, WestJet pilots were able to achieve this victory because they have a union representing them now.

This could be WestJet Cabin Crew soon too. CCMs have an association now, but unlike WCCA, only a union like CUPE or ALPA has the legal standing to defend WestJetters against unfair labour practices.

With the launch of Swoop coming soon, Cabin Crew Members need the protection of a union to protect against attacks on their job security and working conditions. Sign a card to join CUPE today.