CUPE can help Encore flight attendants boost their health benefits

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We have been hearing regularly from WestJet Encore flight attendants that health benefits are a major source of concern. Whether it’s dealing with insurance companies or finding out too late that a service or product you need to stay healthy enough to work isn’t covered – we know how frustrating this can be. And we never know when we might need to fall back on our health plans if things take a bad turn for you or your loved ones.

Below are some of the ways that unionizing with CUPE can help secure strong health benefits!

  1. Grievance procedures to ensure disagreements about benefits entitlements are addressed fairly, so that you don’t have to square off against insurance giants all by yourself.
  2. Protections against unilateral changes or decreases to health benefits without your consent.
  3. 100% employer-paid benefits: in the collective agreement that CUPE negotiated with Air Canada, all premiums for health, dental and group life insurance and costs of vision care are fully employer-paid and that will always remain the case.
  4. In-house benefits reps and committees are found in some CUPE locals to assist members in accessing benefits, and navigating claim disputes and poor treatment by insurance companies.
  5. Access to training and researchers who work with you directly to help constantly improve your benefits plans in your collective agreement.

Health benefits are not “fringe” benefits. Many of us count on them to keep us healthy so we can support our families and thrive in our day to day life. You can take the next step by getting in touch with a CUPE organizer to sign your card today. Find us online or send us an email at

And if you have friends and colleagues at Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today!