Encore: why join CUPE?

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Encore flight attendants have been working hard for months to unionize with CUPE. Perhaps you haven’t yet signed your union card but you’re curious about what motivated your co-workers and friends to sign theirs.

Here’s why some of your Encore co-workers have signed a card to unionize with CUPE, in their own words:

“I came across an unsafe situation, approached the people who are supposed to know what to do and I got conflicting information. I followed that up with an email to management and was given a semi-satisfactory response that made me realize that they didn’t really care about us or our safety. That’s when I decided signing a union card was in my best interest and in the interest of every Encore FA” – YYC Encore flight attendant.

“I used to be one of those people who was adamantly against unions. I gobbled up the WestJet anti-union stance without question and I continued to be against unions up until our new agreement was released. In the months leading up to the release, the company said promising things like ‘We hear you! This is going to be groundbreaking!’ And when it was released, I thought it was such a slap in the face. It just showed me that yes, the company does hear us, but is simply choosing to continue giving us breadcrumbs in exchange for horrific schedules. The fact that they kept making amendments and we can do nothing but take it, that’s what made me decide to sign a union card” – YYZ Encore flight attendant.

I was 10000% against unionizing for a long time…but when I found out that I owed money to WJ after I had an injury while flying, I immediately signed a union card. I tell anyone that will listen all my experiences with WJ and the reasons why I finally chose to sign a card” – YYC Encore FA

Every Encore flight attendant has their own reasons to sign a union card, whether that’s flow, safety, benefits, pay, transparency, dependable working conditions, and on down the list. By signing a card, you are taking control of your working life and future.

Signing a card is saying ‘yes’ to positive change, and saying ‘yes’ to moving on from the status quo. Join your fellow Encore FAs – sign a union card and say yes to positive change at Encore.

You can take the next step by getting in touch with a CUPE organizer to sign your card today. Find us online or send us an email at encore@cupe.ca.

And if you have friends and colleagues at Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today!