Encore: CUPE will fight for cabin air quality

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We’ve heard loud and clear from Encore flight attendants that you’re exhausted after long, unproductive pairings. There are also concerns about cabin air quality.

Engine lubricants and other chemicals can enter the cabin through the air pressurization process and can pose serious threats to the health of cabin crews and passengers. Despite evidence to the contrary, many airlines still deny that toxic fumes pose any serious threat.

CUPE and other unions support the research being done at the University of Washington to produce a scientifically reliable blood test to measure exposure.

But prevention is the key and CUPE is a leader there as well.

CUPE has called on the federal government to immediately improve regulations to eliminate toxic fumes in airplane cabins. We also continue to call on the federal government to restore the 1:40 ratio of flight attendants to passengers.

CUPE’s work on safety in the airline industry goes back to the 1980s when CUPE flight attendants started a campaign against tobacco smoke on airplanes. We were successful in getting positive results for airline workers then and, with your participation, we can do it again!

Joining CUPE means joining 665,000 workers, including 15,000 flight attendants working at 11 different airlines across Canada. We are leaders in health and safety for the industry.

But there are still some Encore flight attendants who haven’t signed their CUPE union card. Just like you put your own oxygen mask on before helping others, now that you’ve signed your CUPE card, find a co-worker who hasn’t yet signed their card and help them to do so. Send them this link today!

And if you have friends and colleagues at Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today too!

Join the call for  better in-flight air quality by signing CUPE’s Safer Skies petition today.