Encore: Fair pay for work means more efficient pairings

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You’ve heard about contract rules and how they can make flying more productive but what does that look like?

Let’s take some common pairing problems and apply some of the Collective Agreement rules that CUPE has helped negotiate for its flight attendant members at Air Canada and find out:

“I operated YYC-YVR today and my total flying credit for the day was 1:17.” The minimum credit at Air Canada would be four hours. You didn’t fly four hours, but you came to work. This is called a minimum daily guarantee.

“I only deadheaded today. Does the daily minimum apply?” Yes. If you arrive at work, regardless of what you fly, you get paid four hours.

“My duty day is never-ending and all I do it sit around.” No problem but you represent the company while in the airport so should be paid accordingly. The length of your duty day minus four hours, or your flying credit, whichever is greater, is a good option. For example, let’s say it has taken you 13 hours to fly YYC-YVR-YYC-YVR. This is approximately four hours of flying credit. But all that airport appreciation time should count. A 13-hour duty day minus four hours = nine hours of flight credit.

“I thought I was next up for flow? I haven’t called in sick and have no discipline. I asked my manager but she can only show me my position on the list.” Being a part of CUPE means having all positions and awards posted clearly with applicable dates and all the information easily available. And when you have a question about how a decision was made, there is more transparency when you get an answer.

So what does this all mean? It means that you will be paid fully while you are at work for the time you put in. This will increase your productivity resulting in fewer days of work.

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