Encore: what’s the CUPE advantage?

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Better wages and benefits. Better working conditions. Clear rules and fair process. These are just some of the benefits of being a member of CUPE. Read more to find out how unionizing with CUPE can improve your job and your life.

Footwear allowances

Flight attendants represented by CUPE have bargained a variety of benefits in addition to better wages. You’re on your feet all day. Why not get paid a shoe allowance? Air Canada flight attendants get $120/year for shoes and an allowance of $45/month for dry-cleaning their uniforms.


Promotions should be based on your ability to do that job, and if you bargain it, seniority should factor in too. Who gets promoted shouldn’t be based on who you are friends with. CUPE bargains contracts that create transparency around who gets promoted and why.

Management Meetings and Discipline

WestJet managers just love to call people in for meetings. Right now, no one is there representing WestJet Encore flight attendants. With a union, you’ll never be alone, and you’ll have strict guidelines for reasonable discipline so there is no variation based on your manager’s mood.

Fatigue and Health & Safety

Managers don’t always understand the human factor in being a flight attendant. Health and safety is a very real concern in this industry and Encore flight attendants are not being heard. That can change with a union. CUPE provides training for health and safety advocates in the workplace. And, as the biggest union of flight attendants in Canada, CUPE is making sure you are protected by tracking concerns and working for legal change in the industry.

Wage Increases

We all know that the cost of everything is going up. But we aren’t sure when our wages will increase, and profit sharing isn’t a reliable source of income. When you have a union, your wage increases are negotiated in a legally enforceable contract. You always know what you are going to get and you can plan for the future.


Flow through to the Mainline is a huge issue. But WestJet doesn’t provide a clear timeline on when you can move over if you want to. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have clearly defined numbers and time lines? Air Canada Rouge flight attendants have a flow program, which CUPE has helped them clearly define in their collective agreement to facilitate a smooth progression with no guesswork.

If you haven’t already signed your card to join CUPE, you can get all the info you need on our website. And if you’ve already signed your card, forward this to a friend and encourage them to join today!