Welcome On Board, Encore!

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CUPE’s flight attendant family of 15,000 is eager to welcome on board Encore FAs! Here’s what they have to say:

Air Canada (CUPE Local 4095)
I’m so excited for you to experience the opportunities, fairness, and growth that will come your way when you unionize with CUPE. Your voices will finally be heard and there is so much that can be achieved through collective agreement negotiations to improve your work/life balance!”
-Service Director, Tracy, 17 years Air Canada

Rouge (CUPE Local 4098)
“I flew with Rouge and was then able to utilize the newly negotiated language in our collective agreement to transfer to Air Canada with all my service and seniority intact. Flowing through enabled me to keep the job I wanted and advance my career while improving my working conditions but without having to start over somewhere else. All my seniority quickly put me in line for a promotion which didn’t exist at Rouge and which provided even better scheduling and pension contributions. I’m so happy to have had a clear and reliable flow-through process in our Collective Agreement. For me, flowing was the difference between “living to work” and “working to live.”
-Service Director, Kyle, 6 years Air Canada (previously Rouge)

Air Transat (CUPE Local 4047)
“As an active CUPE member, I’ve had many opportunities to improve my work life at Air Transat through Union education and by representing Flight Attendants at community and labour events. I’ve always valued the democracy of CUPE and that everyone has their say and vote.”
 -Flight Attendant, Tracy, 25 years Air Transat

Cathay Pacific (CUPE Local 4088)
“We look forward to welcoming Encore and SWOOP Flight Attendants to join CUPE’s Airline Division.  The support and training we received from CUPE is invaluable, particularly during negotiation of our first Collective Agreement and subsequent ones.”
-Inflight Services Manager, David, 21 years Cathay Pacific

Flair Air (CUPE Local 4060)
“Prior to unionizing, we each had to face the employer on our own. In difficult situations, that was daunting and in some cases impossible. Now that the FAs at Flair Air are unionized with CUPE, we stand up for each other and we have a CUPE Staff Representative helping us do that at each base. I’ve been through a unionizing campaign and encourage you to continue the important work you’re doing – it’s worth it!”
-Flight Attendants, Amy, 5 years Flair Air & Patti 2 years Flair Air

WestJet Mainline (CUPE Local 4070)
“I look forward to the day when CUPE represents all WestJet flight attendants.  Each  FA deserves career progression and the ability to flow from the props to the jets with certainty.”
-Flight Attendant, Cynthia, 14 years WestJet Mainline

In addition to the airlines above, CUPE represents flight attendants at Air Georgian, Calm Air, Canadian North, and First Air.  With CUPE’s extensive experience and knowledge of the airline industry you’re in good company and ready for take off.