Go with the Flow

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Whether you intend to flow or not, flowing and related issues affect every Encore flight attendant.

Many Encore FAs who started their flying career with a plan to flow to Mainline were told it would take about 18 months. For many, that was almost three years ago. Encore’s penchant for operating with minimal staffing capacity can make flow a distant goal for those who want it.

We’ve also heard from you that Encore is your preferred carrier and flow is not on your radar. But poor planning for flow and understaffing can hoist the burden of an unreasonable schedule on to each Encore flight attendant. Having a legally-binding collective agreement that has clear, enforceable provisions about flow, scheduling, and staffing can benefit everybody.

Is Encore going against the flow?

As FAs get to the top of the list, there are reports of feeling intense scrutiny. We’ve heard from some FAs who were held back from flowing for use of sick days, minor lates, and grooming concerns. It seems like things that were not treated as urgent problems before are becoming very serious concerns only when it’s time to flow. Right now, whether or not you flow is controlled completely by the employer. You have no control at all.

It’s time to take the “ebb and flow” out of flow.

Signing a CUPE union card can take the mystery and uncertainty out of flow and put Encore FAs en route to fair scheduling, clear and transparent working conditions, and the knowledge that someone has your back while you’re 20,000 feet off the ground. Flow through to the Mainline is something that can be bargained into a contract so that you can have certainty about how and when you will be able to flow.

Join your fellow Encore FAs and sign your CUPE union card today!

If you have already signed up, great! Talk to a friend or colleague about signing a card so you can all get the contract you deserve.

 In full flow?

And if you’re slated to flow, do your part to wrap up this organizing drive before you go. At Mainline, you’ll be a member of a CUPE bargaining unit. Encore FAs should have the same legally binding collective agreement provisions to rely on. Leave Encore better than you found it – get at least one other FA to sign up before you go.