Contracts aren’t child’s play

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Change the agreement as you go
If it works for you
Let it go
But if not,
Then change it so…

Okay, maybe a bit of a silly start for this week’s message, but we have heard from so many of you about how you feel like management just changes the agreement to suit their needs without consulting you. And we thought this child’s rhyme perfectly captures what you’re dealing with when you don’t have a legally binding contract or a union to enforce it.

Whether it’s rules about how you can be called in from reserve, how you are paid for picking up open flying, or how you are accommodated when there are long delays, you’ve told us that there’s a wide gap between what the contract says and what happens in the real world. On the other hand, we also know that when it suits WestJet, what’s written in the contract is followed to the letter.

With CUPE, you’ll have a legally binding contract. Management won’t get to pick and choose what parts of the agreement get followed and which do not. It’s that simple.

No more child’s play with your working conditions.

If you’ve already signed your card, great – now it’s time to sign up a friend or colleague! Forward on this email to someone you know who needs more information about the union – we need to join together to make this drive a success.

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