Sleepless in… Thunder Bay?

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Want better layover provisions? Sign your card to join CUPE today!

Encore flight attendants have schedules that are difficult enough without having to deal with challenging layovers or inadequate hotel accommodations. One of the best ways to make sure you’re rested and ready to go after a layover is to have collective agreement provisions that can be relied on and enforced.

Know an Encore FA who hasn’t yet signed their CUPE union card? Pass this information on to them so they too can become a card signer today!

How can CUPE make your layovers better? CUPE FAs with other airlines already have some answers to this timeworn airline question.

  1. Equip your Hotel Committee representatives with all the information they need to make good decisions on your behalf. At Air Transat, the CUPE representatives on the committee can access hotel sourcing lists, request-for-proposal summaries, crew care summary reports, and the corporate security audit report.
  2. Establish meaningful criteria for all hotels. At Sunwing, CUPE FAs can rely on hotels with private, single occupancy; black out curtains; no ground floor rooms; and a hotel restaurant or 24-hour room service. The CUPE collective agreement with Canadian North has specifications for hotel rooms that include internet connection, dead bolts and flip-locks, and access to gym facilities.
  3. Make sure your hotel is safe and accessible. CUPE FAs at Sunwing stay at hotels in the downtown zone for layovers of 20 hour or more and in the tourism zone for southern destinations.
  4. Ensure minimum rest periods. If Air Canada Rouge moves CUPE FAs to another hotel, the minimum hours of rest don’t start until the FA has checked in at the new hotel.
  5. Have a means of resolving and preventing problems. CUPE FAs at Air Canada who have a concern about hotel accommodation can immediately send a report which goes directly to the Union Chairperson and the Component President and requires a response from the employer. Air Transat must pay CUPE FAs a non-conformity premium of $100 for the first night stay, $125 for the second night stay, and $150 for the third and all subsequent nights in a hotel that doesn’t meet Collective Agreement requirements.

Encore FAs need and deserve sufficient rest at safe hotels which offer all the necessary provisions. Don’t be kept awake at night by elevator traffic or the clink clank of ice dropping into ice buckets all night long. Don’t let the bed bugs be the only ones getting a good meal!

Rest easier after you sign your CUPE card today.

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