Get on board! This time last year, WestJet Mainliners took off.

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Did you know that this time last year was when the WestJet Mainline union campaign really started to take off? That’s right, December and January were two of the most active months in their organizing campaign.

You can help supercharge our campaign as well, by sharing this message with a colleague or friend today!

What was happening for Encore flight attendants at this time last year? We were waiting to see what would be in the new WCCA agreement and holding our breath. Turns out we waited for empty promises. Let’s take a look back at a few of them.

  1. Pairing rig

Flight attendants were promised a minimum four-hour daily guarantee. But instead we got an “average daily guarantee” worked out over a whole pairing. That’s like a lump of coal!

CUPE flight attendants have bargained at least a minimum daily credit of four hours, or better. We deserve better as well.

  1. Pay grades moved, and work reduced in value

Pay grades were moved from four steps to two, now stopping at step two ($28.64) instead of step five ($30.70). WCCA and WestJet agreed to reduce the full value of our work. Having fewer steps to go through can be a good thing. But not when wages are being cut. This is made worse knowing that flow to the Mainline is anything but clear, transparent or fair. A real, legally enforceable contract with CUPE can change that.

  1. Time and a half if you pick up a shift from open time pairings

A CCM shall earn credits at one and one-half (1.5) times for picking up a pairing on a day off from Crew Scheduling.

Seems clear to us. But apparently that was only true if you pick up the open flying and the scheduler explicitly tells you that it is being offered at time and one-half. With a clear, transparent and enforceable contract, you won’t have to ask to get that kind of promise in writing every single time – your collective agreement will ensure you already do.

This December, let’s not hold our breath waiting to see what the WCCA and management will come up with in January. Let’s get this done. Help your coworkers sign their cards and answer their questions. Share the CUPE weekly updates with friends and on Facebook. Let’s launch a wave of card-signing that gets us the union we need and deserve!

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