What’s Up Wednesday: build your union in two minutes or less

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Season greetings from your CUPE-Encore Organizing Team! We hope everyone is braced for the holiday flying that we’re about to embark on.

While you’re killing some unpaid down time on a long duty day in the next few weeks you can build your union with just two minutes of effort.

There are still Encore FAs who have not signed a CUPE card – but you can help us reach them. This week, take two minutes to share your reason for signing a CUPE card with your friends and colleagues on social media.

Here are some topics we have talked about over the last few months. If you signed a card because of one of them, then click on the link and then share the web post on Facebook. If it wasn’t one of these issues, then post what motivated you on your Facebook page and on the Encore Flight Attendant Forum.

These issues motivated many Encore Flight Attendants to join CUPE. Which one motivated you? Share it on Facebook right now.

Do you have an issue that motivated you that you want to tell us about? Send us an email at encore@cupe.ca.

Tell your friends and colleagues to visit our website to sign your card or email us at encore@cupe.ca for more info.

If you haven’t already signed your card to join CUPE and get the benefits of union membership, get on it! Sign your card here.