What’s Up Wednesday: A different kind of Boxing Day deal

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Okay, we know there are more than a few Boxing Day offers piling up in front of you this week. But this one is a bit different.

This Boxing Day, for just $5, you can join CUPE, and enjoy the incredible benefits that come with being a member of Canada’s flight attendant union. Sign your card today.

Being a member of CUPE means having the support of Canada’s largest labour union, and working together for better pay and more fair working conditions.

Being a member of CUPE means better pay, more fair working conditions, and a union that is always looking out for you.

Being a member of CUPE means you’ll have expert staff at your disposal – everything from legal, to communications, to research, to health and safety, and beyond.

Unionizing with CUPE can help you achieve:

Five bucks for all this? Could be the best deal of the season! Sign your card to join CUPE today.

Don’t wait. And if you’ve already signed yours, encourage a friend to sign theirs. CUPE has over thirty years experience fighting to improve the lives of flight attendants in Canada, and with 15,000 flight attendant members nationwide, CUPE is ready to welcome WestJet Encore to our airline family in 2019. Sign your card to join CUPE today.