What’s Up Wednesday: WestJet Pilots end 2018 on a high note!

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They did it! You’ve probably already heard: the pilots at WestJet Mainline and Swoop have successfully concluded their first round of bargaining after an arbitration award was issued on December 21, 2018.

We’re now seeing first-hand the results of working together to form a union.

After forming a union in 2017, pilots began negotiations on their first collective agreement. Other issues, which have now been resolved through arbitration, include breakthroughs on employment security, benefits, scheduling, and wages – see below for more details.

Let’s send our heartfelt congratulations to the pilots at WestJet Mainline and Swoop, who have made significant gains and now have a legally-binding collective agreement. Pilots at Encore are also bargaining as we speak, and soon, WestJet Mainline flight attendants will enter bargaining as CUPE Local 4070.

It’s time for Encore flight attendants to reap the benefits of joining the unionized flight attendant family with CUPE too! Sign your card to join CUPE – and if you’ve already signed yours, encourage a friend to sign theirs today! For more info, get in touch at encore@cupe.ca.

Employment security

  • Minimum staffing levels of at least 90 per cent of the active pilot positions as of January 1, 2019
  • No layoffs due to WestJet’s relationship with other airlines
  • No code-sharing in Canada on aircraft above 76 seats
  • A 90-day limit on contracting, subcontracting, and wet leasing in 12-month rolling period
  • Swoop may not operate any wide body aircraft


  • Maintenance of current Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Stock Option Plan, Owners Performance Award, and Profit Share
  • Maintenance of current benefits with LTD changes being negotiated between WJ and ALPA
  • 54 hours of paid sick leave per year with 120 maximum banked hours eligible to be carried over to next year


  • Maximum of 16 working days per month for block holders
  • Schedules released by 1900 Mountain Time on 21st day of each month


  • Annual increases of two per cent for the first three years and 2.5 per cent in the fourth year of the four-year agreement (2019 – 2022 inclusive)
  • Additional pay increases based on length of service start January 2020