What’s Up Wednesday: when Flow is reduced to a slow drip

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Encore recently announced that they will be deferring Flow for many of you who were depending on it. Even if this decision by management hasn’t affected you personally, everyone knows another Encore FA who was banking on flowing in 2019.

Many of you started your flying career at Encore with the eventual goal and a plan to flow to Mainline. You were told it would take about 18 months, but for many of you, that was three years ago.

In the meantime, you’ve endured demanding, stressful schedules, which you were okay with, because it was all part of a plan – a plan based on a promise from Encore.

But now, Encore is backtracking. More accurately, they’re breaking their promise. Why?

In 2018, you helped WestJet break its own record four times for number of passengers per day. But now 2019 is looking like the year with the lowest number of Encore FAs flowing to Mainline ever.

It’s time to turn the taps back to “Full Flow”. What’s the best way of ensuring Encore never breaks its promise? With a legally-enforceable contract and the power of Canada’s flight attendant union, CUPE, at your side.

With a collective agreement, Flow can be bargained into a contract so you have certainty about how and when FAs will transition. You deserve to have predictable Flow promises you can depend on.

Get yourself and your colleagues one step closer today by signing a card to join CUPE. And if you’ve already signed yours, then signing up a friend or two will bring Encore FAs that much closer to making a union a reality. For more info, email us at encore@cupe.ca or visit our website.