Feeling left out in the cold?

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It’s understandable that many Encore flight attendants are feeling a little left out in the cold this winter. Management keeps hiring new employees but has delayed flowing to Mainline, which means many Encore FAs are scrambling to find enough flying hours to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, management has also directed FAs to starrted introducing Encore flights as “WestJet” flights. From the website, to booking, to boarding passes, to the logo on the Q400 fuselage — it’s all WestJet. But Encore FAs have always taken pride welcoming passengers as Encore guests.

This past Friday, the new Dreamliner made its maiden WestJet flight, taking off from Calgary and landing in Toronto. Celebrations at YYZ included WestJet department reps and some managers from Encore — but Encore FAs were left out.

What does all this mean for Encore FAs? WestJet talks a lot about what a tight team it has — even like a family. But Encore FAs are being excluded from important milestone events, and it’s no wonder many Encore FAs are starting to feel like the forgotten middle child in the WestJet family.

Signing a union card to join CUPE can change that. Being a union member will give you a bigger say in your working conditions, and it will put Encore FAs on equal footing with flight attendants at Mainline. You deserve respect at work — and being part of a union will help you get it.

Come in from the cold! Sign your card to join CUPE today and encourage a friend or colleague to join you.