What’s Up Wednesday: Union representation means we’ll have each other’s back

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We have heard from many Encore FAs who are frustrated that when they face management they are completely alone. When you are in a union, you are never alone. Your union has your back 24/7.

We all know that we need a union to get a strong, legally-enforceable contract that addresses the concerns of Encore flight attendants. But bargaining a collective agreement is only one part of what joining CUPE will bring us.

Joining CUPE also means we will have representation with management whenever we need it.

Whether it’s a health and safety issue, or a problem with your pay or benefits, or a potential discipline issue – whatever the issue, the union is there to make sure that you are treated fairly and that the right processes are followed.

No more being pulled into meetings alone with management and being forced to sign NDAs and answer questions we don’t understand.

No more run around from payroll when our cheques don’t make sense.

And no more wondering what’s on our personnel file, and what’s potentially being used to keep us from flowing or moving ahead.

When we join CUPE, we are going to have the structure and resources we need to stand together. Whether it’s at the bargaining table, a health and safety committee, or a meeting with management – we won’t be alone again.

Spread the word. Forward this email to your friends and colleagues. They need to sign a card like you did, so we can all get the representation we deserve.