Why join a union?

As WestJet Encore flight attendants, we take pride in our work and in our company’s unique culture. But we have growing concerns with scheduling, benefits, and flow-through. As WestJet grows as an airline, we’re ready to grow and evolve the representation that we have with management. Flight attendants need and deserve more than employer-friendly representation with no legal rights or representation when they need it most.

I’m pro-Company, and I’m pro-Union. In the years that I’ve been in the airline industry, I’ve seen how both sides working together can bring excellence to the products delivered. Our flight attendants deserve respect, security and all of the tools to do our job at our best.

WestJet Cabin Crew Member

It’s been proven that joining a union will have immediate and important benefits for members, including better contracts and better pay and benefits. Unionized workers in Canada earn, on average, $5.28/hour more than non-union workers, and unionized women earn $7.10/hour more.

Being an employee with no job protection just does not work for me. The company can terminate me for almost any or worse – no reason at all. I depend on this job now to raise my kids, and I think I deserve a little more job security than what I have at WestJet right now. It is time for agreed-upon work rules and a fair contract. It will make our airline better for all. We should not lower our standards and settle for less.

WestJet Cabin Crew Member